Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Last night I watched Lance James's excellent presentation Trojans and Botnets and Malware, Oh My!

During the presentation I learned of a sandnet tool called truman being distributed for free by, so I downloaded the tools, when I unpacked the PXE client to my surprise the software looked very familiar. It was my PXE Windows Image Using Linux client that I build and distribute.
I searched through all the documentation for acknowledgement but turned up nothing. So I emailed the 'author' Joe Stewart and he sent a response back pretty quick;

Hey Chas,
Sorry for the oversight - I built my original sandnet system over a year ago, not intending to make it a public project. When I did decide to release it, I cobbled up the various sources on the production machine, but had since deleted and forgotten where I obtained the original ramdisk image that I built on top of. I'll make sure you get credited on the website and in the distribution for your part.


Joe Stewart, GCIH
Senior Security Researcher

Well I'm glad its being used. If you wanna check out the sandnet tool kit go grab it from


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